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Soft and comfortable fabrics, elegant and functional cuts, tonic and refreshing colors. The new collection highlights cheerful hues and offers the ideal summer wardrobe for an elegant silhouette in all circumstances. One watchword: dare to use color for an assertive and sunny effect.

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veste de plage en éponge jaune zenith cap d'arsène made in franceZénith Jacket
Zénith Jacket Sale price95 €
Magenta Jacketveste de plage en éponge magenta cap d'arsène made in france
Magenta Jacket Sale price95 €
Terracotta JacketTerracotta Jacket
Terracotta Jacket Sale price95 €
Camarat JacketCamarat Jacket
Camarat Jacket Sale price95 €
Indigo JacketIndigo Jacket
Indigo Jacket Sale price95 €
Sable Jacketveste de plage en éponge beige sable cap d'arsène made in france
Sable Jacket Sale price95 €
Zénith PonchoZénith Poncho
Zénith Poncho Sale price125 €
Magenta PonchoMagenta Poncho
Magenta Poncho Sale price125 €
Terracotta PonchoTerracotta Poncho
Terracotta Poncho Sale price125 €
Camarat PonchoCamarat Poncho
Camarat Poncho Sale price125 €
Sable PonchoSable Poncho
Sable Poncho Sale price125 €
Poncho de bain en éponge bleu indigo cap d'arsène made in franceIndigo Poncho
Indigo Poncho Sale price125 €
Camarat Child PonchoCamarat Child Poncho
Camarat Child Poncho Sale price105 €
Indigo Child PonchoIndigo Child Poncho
Indigo Child Poncho Sale price105 €
Magenta Child PonchoMagenta Child Poncho
Magenta Child Poncho Sale price105 €
Sable Child PonchoSable Child Poncho
Sable Child Poncho Sale price105 €
Terracotta Child PonchoTerracotta Child Poncho
Terracotta Child Poncho Sale price105 €
Zénith Child PonchoZénith Child Poncho
Zénith Child Poncho Sale price105 €
Indigo baby bathrobeIndigo baby bathrobe
Indigo baby bathrobe Sale price80 €
Magenta baby bathrobesortie de bain bébé en éponge magenta cap d'arsène made in france
Magenta baby bathrobe Sale price80 €
Sable baby bathrobeSable baby bathrobe
Sable baby bathrobe Sale price80 €
Terracotta baby bathrobeTerracotta baby bathrobe
Terracotta baby bathrobe Sale price80 €
Zénith baby bathrobeZénith baby bathrobe
Zénith baby bathrobe Sale price80 €
Camarat baby bathrobeCamarat baby bathrobe
Camarat baby bathrobe Sale price80 €
Cap d'Arsene Gift Card
Cap d'Arsene Gift Card Sale price From 100 €