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The Cap d'Arsène design workshop, where we make your dreams come true.

Pushing open the door of the Cap d'Arsène made-to-measure workshop in Paris means entering the realm of the possible and discovering a space that embodies the House's commitment to offering the best creative service.  

Driven by a spirit of freedom and experimentation, our head of workshop works with the best tools and surrounds herself with partners who excel in their field. They all have a perfect knowledge of their techniques and put this know-how to good use in their creation and assembly. Together, driven by their boundless creativity and inventiveness, they combine their talents and use their best techniques to make your dreams come true, while evoking a special emoHon.

Cap d'Arsène tailor-made creations

Cap d’Arsène positioning is guided by a love of high standards, leading to creations with meticulous aSenHon to detail and items that can be customised down to the smallest detail.

  From the choice of materials to the meticulous finishing touches, Cap d'Arsène made-to- measure items are designed to last. Each creation showcases French manufacturing, a guarantee of eco-responsibility and trust, enhanced by high-quality materials.

A world of possibilities

La Maison Cap d'Arsène translates its vision of an elegant art of living that accompanies every moment of life into tailor-made objects.

A fitted bench seat for your boat, deckchairs in the colour of your inspiraHon, a series of daring lampshades, a beach hut, a bag or any other container for your particular use. These creations are the result of daring diversions and, above all, exchanges between artists, stylists, designers, and craftsmen. Cap d’Arsène tailor-made items push back the boundaries of what is possible, leaving room for imaginaHon, boldness, fantasy and creativity. They flout convention but not custom.

Cap d'Arsène advisors will be delighted to help you realise your most creative and daring dreams.