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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Cap d'Arsène has collaborated for a collection with Antoinette Poisson, a prestigious Parisian publishing house of dominoté papers and wall decorations.

A colorful collection designed as an invitation to travel.

The two Houses have combined their know-how to create a unique universe and have imagined with time and precision a collection that brings together the classic 18th century decorative arts heritage of Antoinette Poisson with the elegant and timeless aesthetic of Cap d'Arsène.
Cette alliance conjugue les deux imprimés emblématiques de chacune des maisons, l’ornement floral Jaipur d’Antoinette Poisson inspiré du motif indiennes du 18ème siècle et la rayure de la Maison Cap d’Arsène, autour de deux univers : le Prêt-à-Porter & la Plage.

La rencontre unique de deux Maisons dont les valeurs se retrouvent pour la création d'une collection exceptionnelle. 
The collection highlights the know-how of the House Antoinette Poisson. The dominoterie is a craft technique of the 18th century of printing on the plate of sheets of papers, called dominos. The dominoes are printed on the sheet from plates engraved with floral or geometric patterns. The colors are then applied by hand or with a pochoir.
In Paris, Antoinette Poisson has restored the dominoterie to its former glory while remaining faithful to the techniques of the time and to the floral aestheticism of the 18th century. The dominoté paper covered books in the past, decorated the inside of cupboards or chests, dressed boxes and cases. It was also used to decorate the walls of small rooms such as corridors or alcoves. Today Cap d'Arsène imagines a timeless indoor-outdoor and ready-to-wear collection based on the Indian Jaipur pattern, an iconic design by Antoinette Poisson.